Below are a selection of testimonials from amazing people I have worked with. All of these are sourced from my Linkedin page and can be found here

"Ben is a fantastic UX Designer and was a great addition to the Lloyds team. He always puts users first, keeps an open mind, cares about detail and delivers work on time. At Lloyds, he quickly stepped up from doing excellent hands-on work to being the UX point of contact for an entire feature team where he was managing efficiently the relationships with Business Analysts, Product Owners and Engineers."

- Hara Mihailidou, Founder at Todelli.


"Ben shows a passion and skill for UX that is far beyond his years. Never afraid of a challenge it has been a pleasure to work with him. He shows leadership and patience working with his colleagues and is well liked by everyone that he deals with. I can safely say that Ben is an excellent designer and UX engineer and I look forward to working with him again on future projects."

- Freddie Beesley, VP of Product at Attest.

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"Ben has been a bout of fresh air since he joined TrackBeat.me. He's a highly focused, ambitious and relentless member of the team. If Ben wants to get a task done, believe me, there's no stopping him. It just gets done no matter what the obstacles are. There are no excuses when it comes to his work-ethic.

In a Nutshell, if you're looking for highly organised, vigorous, hard-working and relentless person to join your organisation - You have the right person in Ben."

- Dayo Balogun, Co-Founder of Trackbeat



"It has been a great pleasure to work with Ben. He has been helping us to design a new mobile app from the ground up, bringing lots of new ideas to the table and taking initiative every step of the way. His enthusiasm is exemplary."

- Tessesma Tesfachew, Head of Product at Assembly Networking


"Ben is a great team player. It is really easy to work with him, particularly because his strong inner motivation to create the perfect work. With his help we were able to re-design some pages of the application, website and, even, built a brand new UI and UX for mobile application."

- Alexander Harutyunyan, CEO at Innova Distribution 


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