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🙋‍♂️ Hi! I'm Benjamin Tutin

A Lead Product Designer, Mentor and Coach with 10 years creating fantastic experiences 

For the past 10 years I've had an absolute blast designing for my favourite brands. I helped shaped the future of the UX at Secret Escapes, established and integrated design thinking at Lloyds Business Banking, and moulded the Electric Vehicle App solution at Masternaut. I would love to do the same thing with you.
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Fuen y Ben-99.jpg

Clients that have trusted me

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And many more.....see them here

Nice words from great people 💙


Ben Mclellan

Head of UX,

Secret Escapes

"I feel very lucky to have worked with Ben. He's a dedicated UX Designer and Researcher with a ton of experience and a maturity beyond his years. From running workshops with cross-functional teams to executing on research and design for complex journeys, you can trust that Ben will navigate any challenges and find a way to make meaningful progress. He's patient, works well with ambiguity, a true advocate for the value of design and an asset to any team."


Hara Mihailidou

"Ben is a fantastic UX Designer and was a great addition to the Lloyds team. He always puts users first, keeps an open mind, cares about detail and delivers work on time. At Lloyds, he quickly stepped up from doing excellent hands-on work to being the UX point of contact for an entire feature team where he was managing efficiently the relationships with Business Analysts, Product Owners and Engineers."




Jiri Siftar

Design Lead,

Lloyds Bank

"When you have multiple complex, large scale design projects at the same time, you need someone like Ben on your team. You can 100% rely on his sharp design thinking, design skills, experience, speed of delivery, ability to argue what’s right for users, ability to manage difficult stakeholders and flexibility in approach. He’s level headed, always calm and he’d always come up with the solution that instantly feels right and delightful. He’s also fun and easy to be around."


Freddie Beesley

VP of Product,


"Ben shows a passion and skill for UX that is far beyond his years. Never afraid of a challenge it has been a pleasure to work with him. He shows leadership and patience working with his colleagues and is well liked by everyone that he deals with. I can safely say that Ben is an excellent designer and UX engineer and I look forward to working with him again on future projects."

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Current whereabouts


Little Voice are a design agency that offer research insights and digital product optimisation. Here I work hands on as a Lead UX designer responsible for delivery top class user experiences and meeting user needs. Throughout my time here I also mentor and coach juniors and mid-weight designers, helping them unlock their potential.


Since 2016 I have been mentoring and helping people land their first jobs in UX design. My latest endeavor is with Designlab.  


I've been wanting to write since I could remember and in 2019 I took this hobby up. Since then I've written 400,000 words and counting to date!

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